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The Evangelist
Monday, August 20, 2018

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  • Why we’re sending Anna to a Catholic school
    When it came time for our daughter to begin school, my wife and I discussed our options at length. Living in an excellent school district, we had multiple options to consider as to where we should send Anna for her education.
  • The scavenger hunt for school supplies
    It’s that glorious season when your beloved children will soon become, for six hours a day, someone else’s responsibility. That’s not without a price, fellow parents on the journey: First, you must go through the wringer that is known as “back to school.”
  • A lesson in God’s math

    At first glance, this Sunday’s readings are simple math lessons. Elisha (2 Kgs 4:42-44) feeds 100 people with 20 barley loaves: one-fifth of a loaf per person. The Gospel (John 6:1-15) yields an even smaller fraction, dividing five barley loaves and two fish among 5,000 people.That is the difference between God’s math and ours: God does not divide; God multiplies.

  • The Emmaus Ministry for Grieving Parents serves the spiritual needs of grieving parents whose children of any age have died from any cause, and helps interested parents — as well as clergy, religious, diocesan staff and spiritual directors — bring this ministry to their own parishes or regions.
  • Priest’s plea: Please have a funeral Mass
    In recent years, among survivors, there’s been a shift in attitude about planning a funeral Mass for a deceased Catholic loved one. Many bypass it and choose another venue for a memorial service — a prayer service in the funeral home or at the graveside — or nothing at all.

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