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Monday, December 17, 2018

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  • What shall we do? Rejoice!
    Our continuing journey of Advent can seem so brief, and it is hard to imagine that in just over a week we will be celebrating the great feast of Christmas together.
  • We are God’s coworkers
    Last week, we began our short season of Advent together. The season is rather like a journey: a structured time given to us so as to help us prepare for the coming or “advent” of Jesus Christ.
  • Get to know kingdom
    This Sunday is the last Sunday of the liturgical year. We celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ, king of the universe.
  • Shine like night stars
    We are approaching the end of the liturgical year. For Catholics, the first Sunday of Advent is a kind of “New Year’s Day.” The readings for Mass focus our attention on preparing for the end times.
  • Giving back to God
    Sometimes, we forget that we do not supply God’s needs; rather, He supplies ours.

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